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Vinyl Coated Muzzle Size 0 Snout 6in

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Plastic coated wire muzzles with new improved leather straps and collar loops to prevent loss. Quality constructed for rugged durability, yet light and comfortable. Features exclusive double nose protection. Plastic covered wire will not rust or chip. Insulated wire prevents nose or tongue from sticking in cold weather or burning in warm weather.
Available sizes: 0 snout size 8" chihuahuas, maltese, yorkies, 2 snout size 9" bichons, miniature poodles & schnauzers, 4 snout size 11" beagles, lg lhasas, wire fox terriers, 6 snout size 12" border collies, kerry blue terriers, elkhounds, 8 snout size 13" huskies, lab. retrievers, setters, 9 snout size 14" collies, sheepdogs, shepherds, 10 snout size 15" akitas, giant schnauzers, rottweilers, 11 snout size 18" danes, newfoundlands, pyrenees. Snout: This measure is the circumference midway between the tip of the nose and eyes. An additional 2-3" must be added to this measurement to allow the dog to open his mouth and pant with the muzzle on.

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